English / Turkish Proficiency Exams Result 2022-2023 Academic Year

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Important Information on Exams

  • Course Registration:
    Students who successfully pass their exam will be able to register for their courses on UZEM (https://student.kstu.edu.tr) and find their schedule to join their classes from 1st November 2022. Please click here to download instructions on how to register for courses. Students also can visit student affairs or Faculty secretaries for more assistance regarding course registration.

  • Students who failed the proficiency exam can attend the make up exam, which will be held on 1st November 2022. Those miss the make-up exam, will enter prep school. Students must pay the amount of 35 USD in order to attend makeup exam.

  • Those students who could not find their results in below-attached files must visit the head of prep school in person or send an email to [email protected] 

Proficiency Exam Results

  • English / Turkish Proficiency Exam  Results (18 October 2022),
  • English / Turkish Proficiency Exam  Results (25 October 2022),
  • English / Turkish Proficiency Exam  Results (1 November 2022), NOT ANNOUNCED.