Conditions For Entering TRNC (Due to covid-19)

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All International Students must complete the Entry Form at least 96 hours before traveling to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Before Traveling, Students must

  1. Have a valid student certificate for the Fall Semester 2021.
  2. To provide a valid address where they will be staying for the home quarantine. If the student does not have accommodation to stay in, Student Advising services will help them to find the right place. Please note that students will be given a bracelet to control their movements during the quarantine period.
  3. Have downloaded the mobile application named "Güvende Kal" to their mobile phone before traveling to the TRNC and complete the registration and payment procedures in the application. The cost is 750 TL in total, and 350 TL will be refunded to the student once the 14 / 7 or 5 days quarantine is completed.
    *only those who should go to quarantine according to the last updates announced by the ministry of health. The link of the last travel restrictions and risk categories is mentioned above.

Intl. Student Advising Services:

We wish you healthy days

International Relations Office Directorate

Please enter your name as indicated on your passport (Please do not add the words “married name” or the name of your husband or your parents name)
You can find your student number on your student letter.
The nation from which the movement is scheduled to depart. This does not mean the country (or countries), different from the country of departure, which you pass/transit through in order to enter a Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
Please enter the address of your stay in northern cyprus.
Please enter your arrival information as indicated on your ticket.
Please select the checkbox.