English/Turkish language proficiency exam (fall semester 2021)

International students applying to programs taught in English/Turkish must provide proof of English/Turkish proficiency as part of their applications. This ensures that they have the necessary English skills to understand academic writing, produce scholarly writing, and communicate effectively with their administrative supervisor.

  1. Newly admitted undergraduate & postgraduate CHSSU students.
  2. Students currently studying at the School of Foreign Languages who have earned the right to take this exam.
  3. Students who have failed at the School of preparatory but are entitled to take this exam before starting the new semester (fall semester 2021).

The next examinations will be held on:

1- October 15, 2021 in CHSSU Campus (Face to face). 10:30 AM

Who is entitled to take this exam?

* Students currently studying at the English/Turkish Preparatory Program who have the right to take the exam with regard to related regulations.

* Students who are newly placed in undergraduate/postgraduate programs.

2- October 25, 2021 in one ONLINE session.

Who is entitled to take this exam?

* Newly admitted undergraduate CHSSU students who registered late with a valid excuse due to Covid 19 outbreak.

The cost of the test is 35 USD for each Turkish or English proficiency exam and all eligible applicants must pay their fee through www.odeme.kstu.edu.tr

Countries exempt from English language requirements
Students from the following countries are exempt from the English language proficiency requirements.

  • Australia
  • Ireland (Republic of)
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • South Africa
  • New Zealand

Test Format
TELSa / Tömer Levels A1 to B1

Test Format
TELSa / Tömer Levels A1 To B2

There will be three sessions for the Proficiency Tests.

1st Session 

The Use of English section %20

This section consists of vocabulary and grammar tasks.

The Reading section %20

This section tests the candidates’ ability to deal confidently with different types of written discourse, including narrative and short articles, as well as their ability to control vocabulary, and, at Level B2, to focus on coherence and cohesion devices in order to recreate a gapped text.

The Writing Section %20

This section consists of tasks that test the candidates’ ability to write a text including essays, letters, emails, and messages. At the B1-B2 level, candidates are also assessed through transformation tasks.


2nd Session 

The Listening section %20

The candidates’ ability to understand and process English/Turkish in a range of spoken situations, such as monologues, dialogues, announcements, and recorded messages is assessed. At B2 level, the ability to understand TV news items is also assessed, as are candidates’ note-taking skills.


3rd Session

Speaking tasks %20

Candidates are tested on their ability to communicate effectively in face-to-face conversation with an assessor and/or one other candidate. They are also expected to speak at some length about a given topic, setting or picture, and to take part in a short discussion.



To apply for the language proficiency exam fill out the below form. The application process for the exams mentioned above begins two weeks before the exams.

Please enter your name as indicated on your passport (Please do not add the words “married name” or the name of your husband or your parents name)
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 3 files.
Please note that you need to pay amount of 35 USD. We recommend you to pay online through www.odeme.kstu.edu.tr and upload your payment confirmation on this form.
Please note that you can choose only one date for your proficiency exam. Students who are entered Northern Cyprus are eligible to attend a face to face exam and online exam is only for those who registered late. Newly registered students who registered late with a valid excuse due to Covid 19 outbreak can apply for the online exam only. Students who choose the online option must prove their entry visa to ٔNorthern Cyprus after 15 October 2021. Otherwise, they will be barred from taking the proficiency exam.
Please select the checkbox.