Send your original documents by post

We will need to have your original documents before we can process your registration for February semester 2021. You can send them by post or deliver them in person.

All registered students in fall semester 2020 are required to provide the original paper versions of the documents which they have submitted in our online registration form; the relevant advisor for each department will be in touch to request these from you later in the process.

We will need to see original proof or officially certified copies of your original transcript/certificate. If you can bring your documents in person, please do so as soon as is convenient.

Alternatively, we can accept your original transcript/certificate confirming the award of your qualifications via post. Certified documents can be sent to us at the following address.

Destination Country: Turkey
Destination Province: Mersin
Destination City: KKTC Mersin 10 Turkey
Destination Postal Code: 99750

Full Address:
Ogrenci isleri, Kıbrıs sağlık ve toplum bilimleri üniversitesi, kutlu adalı blv, Güzelyurt, Kuzey kibris turk cumhuriyeti mersin 10 Turkey, Mersin, Turkey

Receiver: Student Affairs of KSTU
The phone numer of the receiver: +903924445788

Required original documents are as follow:

High School diploma + English Translation and notarized by a notary
High School Transcript + English Translation and notarized by a notary

Please note that newly enrolled students in fall semester 2020 must submit their original documents as they committed. If the university does not receive the original documents before 10th Jan 2021, some restrictions will be applied. Students also can take their original documents to our student affairs in our Guzelyurt campus for verification in person.