Are you ready for September?  It’s time to start thinking about the 2020-2021 Fall term.  The following information outlines the steps for you to take as you prepare for next year.

The information on this page is changing constantly. Please check it regularly to stay up to date.

If you cannot find the answer to your question on this page or on our website you can contact us via the platform [email protected] (then click on “Ask us your question”).

The Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University is reviewing the fall 2021 schedule. Revisions are being made to provide the best learning experience.

Important Dates

  • The last day for registration is Thursday, Sep. 2.
  • English/Turkish Language Proficiency Exam will be held online.
  • Fall 2021 will begin Friday, Oct. 1.
  • See the fall 2021 Academic Calendar for more information.

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Fall classes will be taught in one of these modes:

You can also view an infographic with the different modes (pdf).

Traditional* The course will be taught face-to-face. Instructor and students meet according to the schedule. Limited availability due to classroom spacing.
Blended (Hybrid)* This option will be a combination of online and face-to-face meetings. Students will meet all together one or two days per week face-to-face; the rest of the meetings will be online.
Flexible (Hyflex)* This option will be a combination of online activity mixed with face-to-face meetings This will be a student group rotation model. Students will select in Orion the day of the week to attend face-to-face. Faculty will deliver instruction face-to-face in the classroom. On the days when not in class, students will attend class online with synchronous (i.e., in real time) transmission.
Online* All instruction and testing will be online.

Additional Resources

For more information, contact the international office’s Information Counter by calling +90 533 885 93 85 or send us an email through [email protected]

For instructions on using the Student Center for Registration, please visit My Help for Students.