Fee Payment Conditaions & Methods

Fee Payment Conditions & Terms for Students Year of Entry 2021/22

This policy sets out important financial aspects governing your time at the Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University (“the University”). It should be read alongside your Terms and Conditions (if applying for or studying an undergraduate or postgraduate taught programme) and your Offer Letter (Admission Letter). The information contained within this policy forms part of the contract between you and the University.
This policy will be reviewed annually for prospective international students and may not be revised for former students in respect to our signed student agreement. If exceptionally, any change is made to it which relates to existing students, such change will be made in accordance with Terms and Conditions and our mutual satisfaction. Tuition Fees are normally fixed for the normal duration of your Programme as mentioned on your admission letter and a signed contract.
The University’s policy is not to increase Tuition Fees and will remain as set out in your Offer Letter unless an increase is otherwise permitted as set out in this Fees Policy.
If it is agreed you may suspend your studies for a period of up to one full academic year, it is the University’s policy not to increase your Tuition Fees and your Tuition Fees will remain as set out in your admission letter.
Should you defer your enrolment or suspend for more than two full academic years, the University will increase your Tuition Fees to the level determined in accordance with your fee status, your mode of attendance for each period of enrolment and the fee regime in force at the time of your enrolment for deferring students and re-enrolment for suspended students. In these circumstances, the proposed Tuition Fees will be communicated to you in good time.

All Tuition Fees are in USD $ American Dollar, unless stated otherwise.1.1  International Undergraduate Students
The University’s Tuition Fees for full-time International Undergraduate students can be found updated here and are set out in your Offer Letter (Admission Letter).Therefore, every student is obliged to pay their deposit/tuition fee on time and all payments are non-refundable in any case.
1.2  International Graduate Students
The University’s Tuition Fees for full-time International Graduate students can be found updated here and are set out in your Offer Letter (Admission Letter). Also, Transferring any amount of tuition fee from one student’s account to another is illegal according to university regulations and is not possible; Therefore, every student is obliged to pay their tuition fee on time and all payments are non-refundable in any case. 2.1  What is my status?
Applicants are able to request a review of the fee status indicated in their offer letter at any point prior to enrolling at the University. All requests from applicants for a review of fee status should be made by completing the Fee Status questionnaire as instructed in their offer letter (Admission Letter). 2.2  Can my fee status change during my studies?
An assessment of a student’s fee status will apply for the duration of the programme, except in a small number of cases as indicated below, where it can be reviewed:
a) If a student violates the rules and regulations of the university, the Higher Education Committee has the right to reconsider the amount of his/her tuition fees or the scholarship ratio awarded. 3   What are my Tuition Fees?
You must pay your Tuition Fees in full at or before registration deadline before starting the academic year unless the following applies to you:

  • You are receiving a loan from one of the Student Finance Authorities; or
  • You have provided evidence of sponsorship from an approved sponsor; or
  • You are eligible to pay the tuition fees in installments (please see below).

If you pay by module, you must pay the relevant module fee before or at registration.3.1  Payment by installment for existing international students
Admitted students before Fall Semester 2021, are required to pay their tuition until 1st August 2020 in advance payment. Those wishing to pay their tuition in installments can pay in three installments on 15th June 2020, 15th July 2021, and 15th August 2021 with %0 Interest if all of the following conditions apply:

  • You are charged the full amount of the Tuition Fee at the start of your Programme (i.e. you are not billed by module); and
  • the amount of the Tuition Fees owed at enrolment is greater than $3,000 per year; and
  • your Programme runs for longer than one semester.

NOTE: In case of any delay after the last Installment on 15th August 2021, a certain percentage will be added to the Annual tuition fee for the current academic year.3.2  Payment by installment for newly enrolled international students
New Admitted students for Fall Semester 2021, are required to pay their tuition until 1st August 2020 in advance payment. Those wishing to pay their tuition in installments must be paid as follows:

  •  First installment – Before or at registration at the latest until 1st August 2021
  •  Second instalment – The first day of the second term until 10th December 2022

NOTE: In case of any delay after the last Installment on 10th December 2020, a certain percentage will be added to the Annual tuition fee for the current academic year.4   How Do I Pay?
4.1  Payment Options
You can pay your fees by various methods, both online and offline. These include an online payment option, telegraphic transfer, and money transactions from your local bank. 4.2  Pay Your Fees Online
You can pay by using our online payment option to pay by credit or debit card. If you are a current student and would like to pay online, please log in to your Student Information System. (Select ‘Student’ and continue with ‘Accounting’) If you are a new student and have received your Offer Letter (Provisional Admission Letter) and UAL, you can pay your initial deposit payment or Installments which is stated on your admission letter through the payment link, CLICK HERE.
For more information please contact the International Relations Office.
4.2  Pay Your Fees with Money Transactions (Bank Account details as follows)
Students may pay their tuition to Garanti Bank (Branches to Institution Payment/ATM/Online/Garanti Mobile/Virtual POS/ Mobile POS), Students will be entitled to a discount if they pay their annual fee in advance.
EFT or bank wire transfers are also accepted. Students should make sure their full name and student ID/passport number are included with EFT and wire transfer.

USD Account
Bank Name:Türkiye İş Bankası
Account Name:
Account Type:Dollar

TR42 0006 4000 0026 8050 0888 52

Swift Code:


 EURO IBAN NUMBERBE87 9672 2811 8094
Students from Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Nigeria, Guinea, South Sudan, Ghana, Togo, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Angola, Cameroon, Uganda, are required to deposit their application fee (170 EURO) to our office in their home country before submitting their application.Account Name:: KSTU AFRIKA BOLGE OFISI

5.1  Non-Payment of Tuition Fees
If for any reason, you are unable to pay your Tuition Fees by the date they are due above, you should contact the International Relations Office at [email protected] In cases of genuine difficulty, the University will take reasonable steps to support you, which may include an agreement to pay by installments or another payment plan arrangement. Please note that the University has no obligation to agree with alternative arrangements.
The University reserves the right to take appropriate action against students who fail to pay their Tuition Fees or make satisfactory arrangements to pay in line with the Fees Policy.
On initial default, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed, Student Services may withdraw your student IT rights or disable your student ID card or Exam results on the system and any controlled access privileges based on the situation. Should you continue to fail to make arrangements to pay your Tuition Fees or should you default in meeting agreed payment terms the University may, at its discretion (and where applicable following the appropriate process):

  • not permit you to re-register and/or withdraw you from the programme of study;
  • not issue you with a final award certificate;
  • not permit you to attend the Graduation Ceremony; and/or
  • not be issued with any academic reference.

This may include legal action to recover unpaid Tuition Fees and/or withdrawal from your Programme.
If you are in the Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus under a Student Permit visa, suspension of or withdrawal from your programme of study will result in CHSSU notifying TRNC’s Immigration Office of this matter.

If you do not meet the terms of the offer made to you, or you do not get the visa you need to study at the University, and you have already paid some or all of the Tuition Fee, the University will not refund Tuition Fees already paid, There is no reduction or refund available in respect of our fees policy.

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