Immigration and Residency Updates (Fall Intake 2020)

In order to complete/renew Immigration Procedures, it is mandatory to enter TRNC with a passport.

Immigration procedures are completed online. Follow the steps listed below to complete the process:

1-  Go to website.

2-  Firstly click on “Online İşlemler” on the main menu, then find and click on “Öğrenci İzinleri” under the “Online İşlemler”. By doing this, you will start registration procedures to the Immigration system.

3-  Register to the system.

A) For students who are going to register to the system for the first time: Click on “Sign Up Now” and fill in the necessary information providing you e-mail address and/or mobile number. Your username and password for entering the system will be sent to you either through an e-mail or GSM. Enter the system by using the provided username and password.

B) For students who are already registered to the system before: Click on “Login To System” by entering your username and password.

4-  Once you are logged in to the system, follow the steps, and get a Foreign Student Registration Number (YKN). YKN number will be used in all procedures to be completed in government offices. Therefore you should not lose your YKN number.

5-  Make online payment for the immigration fee through the system, if your Health Report is completed.

6-  Once you complete all the procedures, the system will inform you when your Student Permit is ready.

7-  When your Student Permit is ready, you can collect your Student Permit document from the Registrar’s Office.

Residence permit for the first time necessary documents:

  • Student Certificate
  • Immigration Fees: For 1 Year 107.50 TL
  • Original Health Reports: For Newly Registered Students (blood tests and Lung X-Ray) 135 TL
  • Original Passport and photocopy of the relevant pages. (First Page (with photo), the page that shows expiring date, information page)
  • Brand Stamp valued 11.20 TL
  • 1 Passport size photograph
  • Dormitory record sheet (which is living in a dormitory)

If your health reports are incomplete or you do not have any, then the local governor will send you to the state hospital for medical tests. It may take 5-6 days to get the results.


Follow the steps below in order to get a Health Report.

– If you have a valid health report:

Click on “Geçerli Bir Sağlık Raporum Var” (I have a valid health report) on the system and follow the steps below:

– Go to the District Hospital in which city your university is located.
– Get your report verified from the Student Permits department.

– If you DON’T have a valid health report:

Click on “Geçerli Bir Sağlık Raporum Yok” (I don’t have a valid health report) on the system and follow the steps below:

– Make an online payment via the system for the Laboratory fees.
– Complete the health tests in specified the laboratory (Name and address details of the laboratory is provided by the system). Once you get your health report, follow the steps listed in “If you have a valid health report” section above.


* Students who complete the registration procedures are required to complete the immigration procedures within the period of time provided upon their entry to TRNC.

* Students who fail to complete the immigration procedures within the specified period of time will be subject to a daily penalty due to not holding a legal residence permit.

* Students coming from third countries are obliged to renew their health reports every year.
The renewal of former students’ residence permits will be activated when the students complete their registration for the new academic year and select a course for fall intake 2020. After confirming the selection of the course by their advisors, students will be allowed to extend their residence on the system.