Rector’s Message

As KSTU family, with a comprehensive scientific program along with faculty members and assist our students from many countries valuable moves towards profession to work with different countries and recognize each of our students coming from the environment, socialization and outside the educational activities of the time in a different deal in more social. We strive to ensure that they become physically and mentally strong individuals and help to lay the foundations of international good friendships. One of the most beautiful places in Cyprus, Morphology, Psychology, Nutrition and Dietetics, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Child Development, Coaching, Sports Management, and Recreation Departments. staff, we continue to provide contemporary, international standards of education.

The clinics of our at the Faculty of Dentistry started to operate very recently and started to accept patients in all clinical branches of Dentistry. Thanks to the agreements we will make with the organizations in our region, we will provide priority oral and dental health services to our close environment.

We aim to be beneficial to society with courses, seminars, and promotional activities in all branches of our university.

We will provide to patients in our clinics, we will not only fulfill a social task but also ensure that our students are trained in the best way with the help of expert faculty members.

Our language of instruction is English and Turkish, which will enable our students to develop their second language and lead new horizons in their professional and social life in the future.

To help our students in order to solve their problems, we have [email protected] address where they can be reached directly to the Rector.

I wish that the 2019-2020 academic year will bring health, success, and happiness to all our students, academic and administrative staff.