Transfer Students

Transferring to Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University

Information on the procedures and deadlines to transfer to Degree Programmes at Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University.

Ordinance of Transfer Regulations at BA and Associate Degree Levels

  1. The regulations stated in this ordinance are in force in transfers to CHSSU at BA and associate degree levels.
  2. Transfers to programs of CHSSU is possible from educational institutions offering equal programs that of CHSSU’s. The transfers from appropriate institutions that conduct year-based programs must be done at the beginning of the academic year, and transfers from term-based programs can be done at the beginning of each term. The acceptance of transfers is subject to the decision and approval of faculty boards.
  3. There is NO Transfer quota for each department, and it can be determined by the international office before starting the application period.
  4. Students aiming to transfer to CHSSU should submit their applications at least 10 days prior to the commencement of the academic year or the academic term.
  5. For transfers that are going to take place at the beginning of the last academic year or at the beginning of the last two terms, studentsa) must be successful from all exams that were administered by the institution that the students wish to leave,
    b) must have reached to an overall grade average of 50% up to the beginning of the final year or until the beginning of last two terms they wish to transfer,
    c) or, the pass grade must be at least 70% or equivalent to be allowed to pass to the last year, or to the last two terms.
  6. Transfers between the faculties and departments within the university are carried out in accordance with the regulations of this ordinance.

Conditions sought for horizontal transfers are as follows:

  • Not being expelled from a university,
  • Possessing a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.00 out of 4.00 or 60 out of 100,

Required Documents for Application:

  • Application form (to be obtained from the International's Office or our website.)
  • High school diploma photocopy
  • Original transcript
  • Course content
  • One photo

Evaluation and Finalising of Applications:

Applications not rejected during the preliminary evaluation of the International's Office are finalized in line with the decision of the School or Faculty Executive Board and in accordance with the criteria determined by the said board.

Formerly taken courses of a student whose application for transfer has been found favorable by the School or Faculty Executive Board are communicated to the International's Office as the "exempted courses" alongside with the former course codes, new course codes, reference codes, and letter grades.

Applications for transfers within the university are submitted to the student affairs Office within the specified dates. School or Faculty Boards are the administrative organs evaluating and finalizing the applications.