Upon Arrival


University is located in Morphou, in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Students/ visitors can get to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) by air or sea. All flights to TRNC are connected through Turkey. This means even though the final destination is TRNC all flights first stop at Turkey. There are regular flights from the major cities in Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, and Antalya) to TRNC that only take 45 to 77 minutes. Ercan International Airport is a 45 minute drive to campus. It is also possible to reach Famagusta (In Turkish Gazimagusa) or Kyrenia (in Turkish Girne) via ferries from Mersin and Antalya Harbors from Turkey).

A Welcome Scheme is organized by the Orientation Team where pick up services and student ambassadors will collect new students from Ercan Airport, Famagusta and Kyrenia free port. The International Office works in close cooperation with the Orientation Program and Public Relations Department to ensure that there is always an CHSSU representative to greet students and help them settle in. Students are required to arrive during the orientation period in order to receive free pick up service.

All flights to North Cyprus are connected through Turkey. Therefore you will also need to obtain a transit visa for Turkey even if your final destination is North Cyprus. Please go to the nearest Turkish Embassy/Consulate to get a transit-visa with the following documents:

  1. A money transfer receipt of the full amount for the semester fee from the bank
  2. Confirmation letter (issued by the university after receiving tuition fee transfer)
  3. The most convenient connecting flights to North Cyprus are through Istanbul Ataturk Airport. If you have no visa for North Cyprus because you are planning to obtain your entry visa upon your arrival to North Cyprus, please do not leave the transit passengers section at the Istanbul Ataturk Airport until boarding time for North Cyprus Ercan Airport. This is critically important because the immigration officers in Turkey may not allow you to continue to travel to North Cyprus, if you do not hold a valid visa for North Cyprus.

Unforeseen Circumstances

On arrival, if by some RARE chance there is no one to meet you, the most important thing to remember is do not panic! You can:

  • Check for any message left for you at the information desk.
  • Look for a public phone to call staff at the CHSSU International Office

Go to the service desk at the airport or bus station and ask them to contact CHSSU for you.