Why Study at CHSSU?

Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University established in 2015 as being one of the newest and most popular universities in Northern Cyprus, with capacity more than 10000 students, offering 15-degree programs in Undergraduate and Graduate degree programs comprise 7 faculties and 2 Vocational Schools.

Having a strong and stable, non-stop relationship with our “umbrella” Nisantasi University & Istanbul Kent University in Istanbul, which has accumulated many years of experience. Constituting its corporate culture to the synthesis of academic knowledge in this university is proof of Turkey and Cyprus to play a more active role in the international education objectives of this Group.

Study in a Mediterranean Renowned University

  • The Mediterranean island has over 150.000 international residents, who make the everyday life there a multicultural experience.
  • With its Mediterranean temperatures, crystal clear sea, white sandy beaches, high-class resorts, rocky mountain trails, culturally vibrant cities, and also idyllic villages, Northern Cyprus offers the best basic conditions for a study.
  • The inhabitants, who are living according to the European culture, are very warmhearted, hospitable, open, and communicative.
  • Due to the high living standards and a thriving education sector, which has become the center of many countries, with a spectrum of professional services in the areas of higher education, Northern Cyprus has become the home of many international inhabitants.
  • Despite the high standards, the living costs are relatively low in Cyprus, according to the individual living standard.
  • English is spoken most widely by most of the inhabitants so that good communication is ensured.
  • The island is – despite the division – a very secure country, which offers the students a secure study environment, not least because of the very low crime rate.
  • The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus provides various leisure facilities because it is mostly adjusted to tourists from Europe and their needs.

CHSSU Offers High Quality and Rich Campus Life

CHSSU offers a colorful and high-quality campus life enriched by numerous social and cultural activities organized by student clubs and international student associations operating under the International Center.

Health Centers Serving Students

CHSSU has a fully equipped Health Center with modern Dental Polyclinic. As well as the Health Center, there are over 10 specialist dentists who directly provide services for students.